Android Battery Will Not Charge Fix 2024

It can be frustrating when your Android device won’t charge. So, when you have this problem, it’s logical to look for a fix for the Android battery will not charge. There are various reasons why your Android’s battery is not charging. The solution could be simple or require you to take the phone in for service. If your Android device is an older model, this is expected for those models. In those cases, an upgrade will be necessary. Hopefully, your fix is simple, but let’s list possible fixes that get that Android battery charging. How to Fix Android Battery Will Not Charge It’s always best to start with simple fixes when fixing any issue. Have you tried restarting your Android device? You’d be surprised about the number of problems a restart can fix. Another easy fix would be to remove the case on your Android phone. In some cases, the design can prevent the cable from being inserted completely, therefore not charging your phone. You can also try using another charging ca

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