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Fix: Amazon Photos Couldn’t Find the Items to Upload

When you try to manually upload photos to Amazon Prime Photos, you may sometimes get an error message that says the service couldn’t find the items to upload. Restart the app, and check if you notice any changes. If you still can’t upload your photos, follow the steps below. Amazon Photos: There Was a Problem Finding the Item to Upload Check Your Connection Make sure your Internet connection is working properly. For example, you can enable Airplane Mode for 20 seconds. This will help you refresh your connection. Additionally, try connecting to a different network and check if you notice any improvements. You can unplug your router for two minutes if you’re using a wireless connection. Ensure Your Photos Meet the File Requirements Maybe the files you’re trying to upload are the problem, not Amazon Photos. If you’re trying to upload large files, use the Amazon Photos desktop app instead. You can’t upload files larger than 2GB using a mobile device. Additionally, check i

Halo S01E01 720p WEB x265

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Fix: Google Drive Couldn’t Preview File

  When you try to preview your Google Drive files, you may sometimes get the following message: “ Couldn’t Preview File. You may be offline or have limited connectivity. ” Try refreshing your browser tab, and check if you notice any changes. If you’re still getting the same message, follow the steps below. Why Can’t I Preview My Files in Google Drive? Check Your Internet Connection Make sure your Internet connection is working properly. Unplug your router for two minutes, plug it back into the wall outlet, and check if the issue persists. Alternatively, you can also use a different connection, such as a mobile hotspot, and check if you notice any improvements. Check Your Browser If this problem is caused by unexpected browser glitches, switching to a different browser should resolve it. Ideally, use Google Drive with Chrome. Make sure to enable Javascript. Enable Incognito Mode, and check if the issue persists. Don’t forget to check for updates, and install the latest br

Best Note-Taking Apps for Galaxy Tab S8

Not only is the Galaxy Tab S8 incredibly sleek and lightweight, but it also packs tons of power in that ultra-thin frame. From the latest Snapdragon processor to including an S Pen in the box, you can truly turn your Tab S8 into a laptop replacement. Speaking of the S Pen, you can transform your new tablet into a premium digital notebook. Today, we’re looking at the best note-taking apps for Galaxy Tab S8. Samsung Notes It should come as no surprise that arguably the best-notetaking app for Galaxy Tab S8 is already pre-installed on your tablet. Samsung Notes is one of the default applications available with pretty much every Samsung Galaxy device. But this isn’t just your standard note-taking app, as it offers so much more. From viewing and annotating PDFs to creating different notebooks for better organization, Samsung Notes can do it all. You can even use the S Pen that’s included with your Galaxy Tab S8 to jot down some handwritten notes, or sketch something out wit