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How to Record Audio in OneNote

 OneNote is a superb app for creating notebooks and keeping track of your assignments, projects, and more. In addition to using the program for creating written notebooks, you might also want to incorporate other forms of media – such as recording audio. Recording voice notes within the OneNote app and embedding them into your notebooks is very simple. And today, you’ll learn how to record audio in OneNote for your computer, smartphone, and tablet. How to Record Audio in OneNote on Your Computer First, let’s start by looking at how you can record audio in OneNote from your computer. Below are the instructions you need to follow: Click on Insert and select Audio Recording . Your audio will begin recording straight away. Speak whatever needs to be included in your voice recording. When you’re finished, click on the Stop button. You can select Play to play back what you’ve recorded. After recording your audio in OneNote, you’ll see it appear in your note. AD How to Rec