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How to Use Google Play Points and Should You Use Them?

One feature that many Android users appreciate is Google’s Play Points system. Anytime there’s an option to receive anything in return for purchasing something, you should take it. Reward programs always entice users to interact more with a company or service, and the Google Play Points system is no different. If you’re new to Android or Google, you may feel a bit confused as to what this reward program is. Read on to learn how to use Google Play Points and learn more about the feature. What Are Google Play Points? Google Play Points is a reward program that gives you points for spending money on the Google Play Store. There’s a tier system that can also progress to earn better rewards. It isn’t easy to rank up the tier system if you rely solely on purchasing apps to reward you with points, as each dollar you spend equates to one point in the Bronze tier. To rank up, you’ll have to rely on your monthly subscriptions. For example, if you subscribe to the 100 GB tier in