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What Is an I/O Plate?

 Your computer case is an often-overlooked component in a PC build. A good choice can offer excellent airflow, flexible cooling options, plenty of space, and decent connectivity. A weak choice may starve your components of cool fresh air. And may limit your options in layout, hardware, and connectivity. While having good front panel connectivity is important, it’s not  Motherboards are designed to be mounted so that their rear I/O panel is accessible through a standard gap left in the back of the case. Here you’ll often find a broad range of connectivity. The same connectivity options you have will depend on your choice of motherboard. All new motherboards, however, will come with one specific custom piece of hardware, the I/O plate. The I/O Plate The I/O plate, sometimes called the I/O shield, is a small rectangular sheet of metal designed to fill the gap in the case left for the rear I/O. Critically, it also has holes punched out of it that precisely fit the ports your