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Is Google Chrome Killing Adblockers?

 Ads have existed on the Internet since its inception, and adblockers were a way for the public to navigate around these potentially harmful and malicious pop-up ads and adware. Big-time browsers and search engines always sided with advertisers, as they provided these companies with revenue. Although Google has a near monopoly on both browsers and search engines, the company still made accessing adblockers accessible to the public through its Chrome App Store. There have been some recent developments that suggest that Google Chrome is killing adblockers with a new update. Find out more about the story below to see what that means for you if you use the Internet frequently. Is Google Chrome Killing Adblockers? There hasn’t been an official statement from Google regarding the new update and how it might affect the performance and relevance of adblockers. Still, there’s been a lot of speculation from hawkish analysts. The update in question, called Manifest V3, is one th

Best MetaMask Alternatives

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